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Our Goal

FanWord was founded by former student-athletes with a simple goal in mind – to create a platform that highlights the lives and experiences of all current and former student-athletes. 

Your Story Matters

Here are just three reasons why you should share your story.

Build Your Brand

No matter where you are at in life, use this as an opportunity to show people who you really are.

Inspire Others

Sharing your experiences might help someone else deal with a similar situation or motivate someone to accomplish more.

Connect With Your Fans

Every single one of your fans craves for a more personal connection outside of your numbers and statistics.

We are dedicated to creating a positive and supportive environment of sports enthusiasts through the power of stories.


We partner with brands such as athletic departments, businesses, or athletic organizations to create powerful and game-changing content that leverages the power of student-athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every current or former student-athlete can share his or her stories. It is all about the lives and experiences behind the student-athletes.

We deeply value the brands and schools the student-athletes represent. In order for us to ensure an uplifting and positive tone, we review each story before it gets published.

Furthermore, any stories that aim to embarrass, ridicule, or disgrace a person, team, brand, or school will never be published. Also, we have zero tolerance for any racist, pornographic, or discriminatory language.

You have 100% flexibility over the topic you want to write about. However, we encourage you to relate it to your time as a student-athlete.
Some of the more frequent topics our student-athletes write about are:
– My biggest challenge and how I overcame it.
– My most memorable moment as a student-athlete.
– How being a student-athlete helped me prepare for my future path.
– What it means to me to represent my school.

Yes. We care a lot about the quality of our stories. Therefore, our editorial team will edit, format, and optimize each story before it is published.

Our platform is free for student-athletes.

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